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She pressed the button on top of the tall can and swirled it around her head. “Hey”, her neighbor hollered, “keep your cloud over in your space”.

The tall brunette smiled apologetically and then gave the hairspray another burst. Her tall stacked hair needed the extra reinforcement if it was going to make it through the endless retail crowds during her upcoming 10-hour shift. Stores just stayed open for far too long this time of year… people should be at home, decorating and gift wrapping, not endlessly riding the department store elevator floor to floor, piling up purchases in an attempt to buy atonement for the wrongs of the year.

With a sigh, she rose to her feet and gracefully navigated the aisles of the employee dressing room to her current assignment in housewares.

At least anyone looking at her stately bouffant would know that she was a lady of class, even if the crowds had made her weary.

Wear this hand-cut obsidian piece, set with sterling silver to remind you that you are a diva, no matter how bedraggled life leaves you feeling

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She rolled down the windows, trying to keep the sound of the crashing waves within hearing range, as she drove in the opposite direction.

Back toward home…

back toward problems that needed to be sorted and solved.

But the week at the abandoned beach had done her well and she felt the inner calm radiating throughout her body– down to her painted and suntanned toe tips that pressed harder on the gas.

“It is amazing what a little seafoam can do to heal the soul”, she thought to herself as she turned the radio up and raced back into the fray. 

You can carry a bit of seafoam with you every day, with this handcrafted, one of a kind pendant.

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The little girl stared at her in wide-eyed wonder.

Blue Tier Eye Stones with Sterling Silver Setting

As a blue-eyed blonde, she had gotten used to being stared at while traveling in the middle east. Too often it was a possessive stare, coveting her as something to be owned.

But today, this little girl had rushed up to her in the market and the excitement in her face was irresistible. It was as if she had just gotten in line to talk to Santa.

“Are you a Djinn!!??” the girl blurted out suddenly.
“Why do you ask?”
“Everyone knows that the Djinn are blue-eyed. I am really hungry, can I make a wish?”
“No need’, the blonde replied, “Djinn are magical, remember?”
She took the girl to a nearby stall and loaded her small basket with bread, quinoa, figs, and dates.
The little one gasped in amazement and skipped away calling
“Momma, the Djinn granted me a wish… see?!!”

You too can carry your own bit of magic with you, these blue tiger eye stones are set in sterling silver and make the perfect way to remind everyone that magic comes from within.

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Plated Sunday Dinner 10, 07,2018

When Dave says “I am going to make a fancy dinner tonight”, there is no doubt it will not only taste good but will look great too. He is having a lot of fun lately plating dinners.

Since the meat tonight was MahiMahi, my plate showed up with a palm tree and a beach, and the fish “beached”. Now, most restaurants would consider that out of bounds, reminding people that that delicious filet came from a dead fish, but for us, it was perfect and hilarious.

This was my Greenbean and Honeydew melon palm tree.  The melon was an amazing compliment to the Mahi Mahi.  That salad has a handmade fresh pomegranate dressing….

Parboiled potatoes with mushrooms and onions.. I could only eat about half of them, but they were delicious.

A better shot of the salad.

The sky view… Palm tree on the beach.. and beached fish..

Perfect Meal for a Sunday.

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Something New- Stitch Markers

I am not a knitter or crocheter…  but I am a huge admirer of the results.  I was told recently by a yarn maven who saw my wine glass charms that stitch markers are a thing.  I had this set of 4 amazing glass beads whose depth reminded me of the softness of yarn, so I thought I would give it a run and see how they sell.  If it turns out to be something of interest, I will design a bunch of others.   Let me know what you hate and what you love about them.
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New Wine Glass Charm Sets

Sunday Mornings are a great time to spend at the workbench and this morning has yielded a few new sets of wine glass charms.  

I had fun putting together Garden Party.  I have been hoarding these vintage beads for a long time, slowly collecting a set.  This set of 5 flowers plus one lovely bead with an engraved bird seemed like the perfect grouping for a charm set of 6.  If you like to keep the feeling of spring and summer with you all year long, this one of a kind set is for you. 

Another playful set came out of some small glass beads I found in my collection.  I have a friend who has been making handmade marbles and posting them lately, and these reminded me a bit of a tiny version of his artistic creations.  I always feel like I have lost my marbles when I walk around in circles trying to find my drink.. so it all just sort of rolled together.  If you know someone who is a grownup who never lost their playful spirit, these are a perfect birthday or Christmas present. 

Most times, I make charm sets out of glass beads to keep the costs down.  I was lucky enough to get a supply of small fancy jasper and moss agate beads at a really reasonable price, and so I am making one unique set of charms of real stone beads.  If your friendships are rocky solid, you will want to celebrate by using these wine charms at your next get together.  You will never lose track of which glass is yours when they are marked with these small treasures. 

If your friends are gems, the kind that shine even through bad times, you will want to use this collection of fancy glass beads to mark your wine glasses the next time you gather. Just like your friends, each has its own personality, but they are all beautiful. 

Have a theme or inspiration you want a set designed for? Email me and we can brainstorm designs together.

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#DinnersProject gathering in Kokomo, IN

Oct 4, about 40 people gathered in the Community Room in the Basement of St. Andrew’s Church to participate in Creative Capital’s #DinnersProject. We were one of several hundred diners happening across the nation from Oct 4-7.   This event was co-hosted by many of the Arts Organizations and Businesses around the community and was attended by artists and art supporters alike.  We even drew in a few passers-by who smelled the food and heard the discussion. 

Not only did this turn out to be an opportunity for folks of a variety of beliefs to share and discuss both local and national political issues without vitriol or posturing, but it also turned into something even bigger for the community. 

Annie Lightsey, who runs Sol House locally and is involved with Create2030 globally, volunteered to lead the planning and coordination of topics for anyone who wants to use art as activism. Based on the UN SDGs , she will create a calendar that gives a topic for artists and organizations who want to raise awareness or help to educate each quarter.   Since we have also agreed to come back together once a quarter for a dinner ( we do carry-ins like experts around here), we will also use part of that time to collaborate and coordinate efforts for the coming quarter. 

The group also acknowledged that we can get so heads down busy working in and supporting our individual organization or business that we forget to look up and around. The #kokomoartsmatter hashtag was created and all in the room agreed that anytime we see it on an event or art posting, we will all share it.  Hopefully, in the near future anyone looking for insights on the Kokomo/Howard County art scene will just be able to google #kokomoartsmatter and find all the hidden corners of our rich art ecosystem.  We hope each of you will participate in this coordination of information. 

Listen for more information as new projects and collaborations evolve out of this community wide effort, and plan on joining us in January for the next amazing arts community pot luck dinner. 

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Airing Our Dirty Laundry

Clothesline project for Domestic violence awareness

“Don’t air your dirty laundry in public!”  How many times have we heard that phrase?  But sometimes in order to bring light to a problem, airing it out is exactly what is needed.   The Clothesline Project has created a federated art installation to call attention to the problem of domestic violence , where our dirty laundry is quite literally hung out for all to see.

This past Friday, our local Family Service Association participated in the project and created an installation in the music alley downtown for all to experience.

At a time where many survivors do not feel heard or supported, this was a great public awareness moment, that even in your sleepy little town, horrid things happen behind closed doors.   Sometimes, the only way to clean our dirty laundry is to let it air in the wide open sun.

Listen, Love and help them heal.

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