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Plated Sunday Dinner 10, 07,2018

When Dave says “I am going to make a fancy dinner tonight”, there is no doubt it will not only taste good but will look great too. He is having a lot of fun lately plating dinners.

Since the meat tonight was MahiMahi, my plate showed up with a palm tree and a beach, and the fish “beached”. Now, most restaurants would consider that out of bounds, reminding people that that delicious filet came from a dead fish, but for us, it was perfect and hilarious.

This was my Greenbean and Honeydew melon palm tree.  The melon was an amazing compliment to the Mahi Mahi.  That salad has a handmade fresh pomegranate dressing….

Parboiled potatoes with mushrooms and onions.. I could only eat about half of them, but they were delicious.

A better shot of the salad.

The sky view… Palm tree on the beach.. and beached fish..

Perfect Meal for a Sunday.

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Something New- Stitch Markers

I am not a knitter or crocheter…  but I am a huge admirer of the results.  I was told recently by a yarn maven who saw my wine glass charms that stitch markers are a thing.  I had this set of 4 amazing glass beads whose depth reminded me of the softness of yarn, so I thought I would give it a run and see how they sell.  If it turns out to be something of interest, I will design a bunch of others.   Let me know what you hate and what you love about them.

Iridescent Memories: Glass Bead Stitch Markers


These glass beads seem to glow from the inside out.  Use them in your favorite knitting or crochet crafts so you never lose your place. 

Set of 4, one of a kind beads. 

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New Wine Glass Charm Sets

Sunday Mornings are a great time to spend at the workbench and this morning has yielded a few new sets of wine glass charms.  

I had fun putting together Garden Party.  I have been hoarding these vintage beads for a long time, slowly collecting a set.  This set of 5 flowers plus one lovely bead with an engraved bird seemed like the perfect grouping for a charm set of 6.  If you like to keep the feeling of spring and summer with you all year long, this one of a kind set is for you. 

Garden Party: Wine Glass Charms


Your garden party does not have to end, just because the weather is turning chilly.  This collection of vintage glass beads will evoke the spirit of the garden party all year long.  A one of a kind collection that includes 5 unique flowers and a bead with an engraved bird who joined the party. 

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Another playful set came out of some small glass beads I found in my collection.  I have a friend who has been making handmade marbles and posting them lately, and these reminded me a bit of a tiny version of his artistic creations.  I always feel like I have lost my marbles when I walk around in circles trying to find my drink.. so it all just sort of rolled together.  If you know someone who is a grownup who never lost their playful spirit, these are a perfect birthday or Christmas present. 

Marbles: Wine Glass Charms


You might lose your marbles, but you will not lose track of your glass if you add on this set of 4 unique small glass beads.  Evoking the feeling of marbles, this playful set will add to your good time and keep your glass identified. 

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Most times, I make charm sets out of glass beads to keep the costs down.  I was lucky enough to get a supply of small fancy jasper and moss agate beads at a really reasonable price, and so I am making one unique set of charms of real stone beads.  If your friendships are rocky solid, you will want to celebrate by using these wine charms at your next get together.  You will never lose track of which glass is yours when they are marked with these small treasures. 

Rock Solid: Wine Glass Charms


Do you have rock solid friendships?  This set of 6 stone beads is the perfect accessory for your wine glasses.  The collection of fancy jasper and moss agate beads will decorate your glasses and make sure that you are steady as a rock to identify your glass in the mix. 

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If your friends are gems, the kind that shine even through bad times, you will want to use this collection of fancy glass beads to mark your wine glasses the next time you gather. Just like your friends, each has its own personality, but they are all beautiful. 

You are a Gem


When you have friends who are true gems, and you gather to support each other, you will want to use this one of a kind wine glass charms to make sure you don’t lose track of which glass is whose.  

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Have a theme or inspiration you want a set designed for? Email me and we can brainstorm designs together.

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#DinnersProject gathering in Kokomo, IN

Oct 4, about 40 people gathered in the Community Room in the Basement of St. Andrew’s Church to participate in Creative Capital’s #DinnersProject. We were one of several hundred diners happening across the nation from Oct 4-7.   This event was co-hosted by many of the Arts Organizations and Businesses around the community and was attended by artists and art supporters alike.  We even drew in a few passers-by who smelled the food and heard the discussion. 

Not only did this turn out to be an opportunity for folks of a variety of beliefs to share and discuss both local and national political issues without vitriol or posturing, but it also turned into something even bigger for the community. 

Annie Lightsey, who runs Sol House locally and is involved with Create2030 globally, volunteered to lead the planning and coordination of topics for anyone who wants to use art as activism. Based on the UN SDGs , she will create a calendar that gives a topic for artists and organizations who want to raise awareness or help to educate each quarter.   Since we have also agreed to come back together once a quarter for a dinner ( we do carry-ins like experts around here), we will also use part of that time to collaborate and coordinate efforts for the coming quarter. 

The group also acknowledged that we can get so heads down busy working in and supporting our individual organization or business that we forget to look up and around. The #kokomoartsmatter hashtag was created and all in the room agreed that anytime we see it on an event or art posting, we will all share it.  Hopefully, in the near future anyone looking for insights on the Kokomo/Howard County art scene will just be able to google #kokomoartsmatter and find all the hidden corners of our rich art ecosystem.  We hope each of you will participate in this coordination of information. 

Listen for more information as new projects and collaborations evolve out of this community wide effort, and plan on joining us in January for the next amazing arts community pot luck dinner. 

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Airing Our Dirty Laundry

Clothesline project for Domestic violence awareness

“Don’t air your dirty laundry in public!”  How many times have we heard that phrase?  But sometimes in order to bring light to a problem, airing it out is exactly what is needed.   The Clothesline Project has created a federated art installation to call attention to the problem of domestic violence , where our dirty laundry is quite literally hung out for all to see.

This past Friday, our local Family Service Association participated in the project and created an installation in the music alley downtown for all to experience.

At a time where many survivors do not feel heard or supported, this was a great public awareness moment, that even in your sleepy little town, horrid things happen behind closed doors.   Sometimes, the only way to clean our dirty laundry is to let it air in the wide open sun.

Listen, Love and help them heal.

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The Best Little Farmers’ Market

I am blessed to live in a town with a lively and thriving Farmers’ Market.  It is a source of healthy food, friendships, and growing businesses.  Today was the last day of the regular market for the 2018 season, and already I look forward to the Winter Market later this year.  Even though I am sometimes traveling or unable to make it to the market, it is my soul place- there are vendors there I have known for years and who know me as well when I show up at their booth.  

Cupcake from Lucky Lemon Bakery

I am always excited each year to see who the new vendors are, and revel in the bounty that comes out of their hard labors.   I appreciate each and every one of them so much.  And all the vendors never stop amazing me with their creativity and new experiments- where else could I find a brains cupcake? 

After shopping today, I took out the 360 camera and shot some video bites, so you could also share in the awesomeness that is the Kokomo Farmers’  Market.  Take each video for a literal spin and see what joy you can find at our Market.

That is Lindsay Fisher of Art and Animals with her Pals in the Little Sprouts Club Tent.
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For the People

person uses pen on book
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Although the quote goes back into the 1300s, we know best the phrase “of the people, by the people, for the people” from Lincoln’s Gettysburg address.

If we look back to the occasion of the Gettysburg address, you might remember that he was talking that day because they were dedicating the battlefield to the fallen soldiers of the civil war.  He was admonishing those gathered to work hard so that the loss of those fallen would not be in vain.

Just like at Gettysburg, it often feels today that it is uncertain if our democracy will survive.

Just like at Gettysburg, the only way this will happen is if all of us work to ensure we have a democracy “of, by and for” the people.

Of the People-–  This means that the people who make up the government come from the people. That people like you run for office or serve in appointed roles to make the government work.

By the People- This means quite simply, that the people vote. To vote for representation, to vote for leadership, to vote to settle issues.  If the people are not informed and making decisions, democracy fails.

For the People – There is an implied “the benefit of”.  As in “For the benefit of the people”. Too often today, people read “for” and think – “instead of me”.  This is not “here- let me do that for you”.  As the first two clauses try to make clear, the people must act- Sometimes within the government and sometimes outside of the government- to get things accomplished and keep democracy healthy.  This was a warning not to let the interests of other entities come before the interests of the people.  Instead, what has too often evolved out of this means that people have great ideas and then try to find the person/department in the government to do it “for them”, instead of acting themselves.

What steps are you taking this fall to ensure that our democracy thrives and government stays “of the people, by the people, and for the people”?

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Touch me, touch me, touch me Pt 2.

A couple of weeks ago I got stymied by misbehaving TouchCapacitance with the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express.

There are a small handful of videos out on youtube where people have been playing with this feature – all with slightly different code approaches- but none of them seemed to have the “wrong input” problem I was having.  I thought maybe my else was just still too long but found examples that pretty much matched what I did and were working in their video.

And then, at 3:30 into this video on using CircuitPython to do a touch capacitance piano,  the host hit on the issue of false inputs.  ta-dah!  Seems like just keeping the wires straight was going to be the answer.  I got out a clipboard and did the layout on a wider surface and sure enough, with no wires touching ( even though they are insulated wires) everything plays lovely.

I got out some paper to start sketching out a new layout and design with this in mind…  but then got interrupted by Dave’s brainstorm and need for collaboration on glowing glass necklaces…

I have an ultimate goal to be able to use this for a much larger art install project so I will come back to this smaller version in a week or two to test and learn more about the touch surfaces..

to be continued…….